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Grace Conferences

Welcome to the Grace Conferences website. Grace Conferences was set up in 1994 by a group of people who were really touched by the teachings of Michael Lilborn Williams. Since that time almost 30 years ago we have learned from Mike what the basic outline of the Bible is all about. In particular we have learned about the dynamics that existed between the Apostle Paul and the other disciples and what Jesus called the "Scriptures" - the Law, the Psalms and the Prophets. In short Jesus said the Scriptures were all about Him. We have learned the Good News and this good news benefits every human ever born whether they ever know or learn about it. Our mission is to help people learn the Good News- the Gospel. What is the Gospel? Gospel literally means good news. The apostle Paul called it the the Gospel of grace and peace. Grace in that God did for you what you can not have done for yourself. God made you one with Him- yes, you and God are one- right now. By so doing he has given you peace. These 2 foundation gifts have essentially made religion obsolete. From grace and peace flow psychological benefits in that your self esteem is lifted and enables you to be the whole responsible person God has always intended you to be. Knowing the Gospel is salvation to the soul- your, mind, will and emotions- not salvation or redemption from hell. "Hell" is a leftover from Greek mythology and was never taught in the Scriptures. Hell is a New Testament fallacy. The Gospel teaches you that your humanity with its faults and short comings never separate you from the love of God your father. What separates the Gospel from religion is that you as a person were born into this freedom and liberty. Hopefully you will utilize the abundant resources at and those featured on this website to grow in that knowledge. We call it the CPR of the Gospel- the consistent, persistent and repetitive exposure to the Gospel. As you learn the Gospel you will learn the differences between the Gospel and Christianity. The fundamental differences being that Christianity puts you in the drivers seat of your salvation. The gospel makes you understand that it was all accomplished through the finished work of Jesus Christ. There are no ifs, ands, buts or maybes. Jesus did it all for you. He is Lord. Not because you made him Lord. Because God the Father made him Lord. It is our definite belief that the Gospel is the most important message that mankind can know about God. There are so many benefits from this liberating message the most important message being the Scriptural prophecy- they shall learn war no more. Yes the future of our planet is indeed bright as the message of the Gospel shines into the hearts of all peoples
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