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I was born in the Netherlands to a family who immigrated to Canada. I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta where I went to the University of Alberta and received a Degree in Business. As a child, we never went to church as a family. I became interested in religion when I was in Montreal, I was employed by a national accounting firm. It was during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. I started reading the Bible on my own and became fascinated with the person of Jesus Christ. I met Debbie, while in Montreal, and through her, I started going to Bible studies. I started going to a conservative church called The People's Church. Debbie and I were married in Montreal and soon after we moved to Calgary. I moved up the ladder in Christianity and ended up in a radical "Word Faith" Church, of which, I rose to the board of directors. I believed in all of the doctrine they were teaching. It mostly consisted of having faith for healing, finances, and general well being. It was all on our shoulders this “faith thing”. In order to have faith, you needed to pray more, give more, believe more, read your Bible more and generally work more to please God. I had become very legalistic in my belief systems. I had to be obedient in order for God to do things in my life. It was a tough road. In 1996, James McDermott invited me to hear a man by the name of Mike Williams. That meeting forever Changed my life. Mike has taught me about the Gospel - The Good News. Through Mike's teaching, I can now say that I finally understand a good part of the Bible and the purpose of the Cross and what Jesus Christ accomplished on the Cross for all of humanity. What Jesus Christ did was so beautiful and inclusive. I am free of the work because I know it is only through Jesus' Work that I am totally free. As a director of Grace Conferences, it is my goal to help fulfil the great commission to preach the Gospel so that more people can be free of religious dogma. The World needs the Gospel.
Vic d’Obrenan Director
I was Born and raised in Saskatchewan on a small farm community that was close to a village with 4 churches. My family was very involved in this religious environment and from a very young age I had to attend almost every meeting at the church where my parents were members. I didn’t mind the Sunday meetings but didn’t enjoy the bible studies and prayer meetings during the week. I loved sports but could never play hockey or ball when they were on the same date as any church meeting. Yuck! It wasn’t fair. An association called Full Gospel Businessmen International (FGBMFI) became a venue of businessmen to give testimonies and Word of Faith teachings with emphasis on financial prosperity. I think I first met Mike Williams through FGBMI or one of the Word Faith churches nearby. In 1973 Gayle and I were married. Both of us had jobs off the farm even though my father had turned the grain and cattle farm to me. An opportunity for a transfer to Alberta in the oil industry did not work for me so I became an Agriculture equipment salesman close to my farm and eventually I bought the dealership and expanded it to 2 dealerships which my wife and I sold in 2007. I was invited to join the board of directors of a Word of Faith church and at one point we had decided to invite Mike to do a weekend conference. Mike sent us a tape prior to accepting the invitation and asked each board member to listen to the tape. He then informed us of his change to teaching a message of grace and peace, a deviation from deliverance and demonology. Most board members ignored the tape and set the dates of the weekend. I was away during most of the weekend and when I returned an emergency board mtg was called to discuss the weekend and what we would pay Mike. I could not comment or vote because I was away on business, however, I was asked to listen to the series and decide because there was no rush. It was not a happy ending. After some time had elapsed I bumped into Mike in a hotel restaurant where he was doing a conference in the ball room and where we were attending a business mtg. He was so glad to see me and was happy I had come to the conference, but I had no knowledge of the conference and I decided attend. Mike was teaching/ reading out of the book of Galatians and I couldn’t believe my ears. I think it's the first time I really heard the Gospel. I came back for the evening session which was so full of information, I wanted to hear it again so I bought the tapes from the 2 sessions so I could listen on the 8 hr drive back to Sask. The interaction with the small group of attendees who were serious about hearing the truth was so beneficial. I knew I needed to get as much of the Gospel in my brain and support this effort as much as I could. It has been an amazing trip but not an easy one.
James Gustafson Director
Don Devitt Director
I was born in Saskatoon and spent 5 years in Montreal then Calgary now living in Ontario. I started to go to church in the 80’s and ended up at Victory church in Calgary. This is where I met Vic. Mike Williams came to our church and woke a bunch of us up. After a lot of study, listening to tapes and going to seminars it was a no brainer that Mike was teaching the Gospel and no one else was. Since the Gospel is the “Power of God“ it’s easy to see why the world is in such a mess. We are the ones who are trying to get the truth of the Gospel out in order to make the world a better place and to follow the directive of Jesus which was to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Continuing to learn all the time, listening to the Spirit and sharing the prime directive is our present goal.
James McDermott Director
In the mid 1990 Mike Williams taught at our church for one week because he was one of the best Bible teachers in the Word of Faith movement. To the surprise of the Pastors and congregation Mike taught on the Grace and Peace of God and how we all are now One with God, Holy, Righteous(without sin), Perfect and equal with God. Our salvation happened at the Cross and sin’s penalty of death was paid by Jesus so no more sin- to Christianity blasphemy- to the Gospel and Scriptures truth. Our church was in turmoil and soon disbanded. Mike’s teaching has been a life line to me just knowing that our Oneness with God cannot be changed by our actions or beliefs, because it was established by the of faith of Jesus not us. Even if you don’t believe this you are still One with God. It’s been an honour for me to be a director of Grace Conferences teaming up with my good friend Vic d’Obrenan. Bringing Mike Williams to Calgary twice a year for 25 years. Getting to know Mike and his team at has been life changing as the truth of the Gospel is shared with LOVE!
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